CareMedics offers walk-in services, specialists, family practice, foot care, well baby care, hearing services, and  uninsured services. For a more comprehensive list, please see our "insured/uninsured services" section.

We accept OHIP, we do not accept out of province health cards or IFH

Quebec patients: All patients from Quebec are welcome at CareMedics. We will fill out the out-of-province reimbursement form that patients will then mail out to RAMQ. We require payment at the time of services rendered and patients will be reimbursed at Quebec rates.

Out of Province patients: All patients from out of province are welcome at CareMedics. We require payment at the time of services rendered and patients will be given a reciept to send in to their province for reimbursement.

IFH Patients: we welcome all IFH patients, however you will have to pay for your medical visit at the time of services rendered. We will fill out the apporpriate forms for you to be reimbursed by your insurance.


Walk-in visits



Ear Flushing


Minor emergencies

Minor Surgery

CareMedics supports public health care and is proud of Ontario's Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). It is important for patients to understand that there are certain medical examinations and services that are not deemed medically necessary by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and are therefore uninsured.

  • Medical Visit without a valid health card
  • Third Party Physicals (driver's, school, etc.)
  • Travel Medicine
  • Wart Removal
  • Sick Notes
  • Medical Forms
  • Orthotics
  • TB Testing and reading
  • Certain Vaccinations
  • Cosmetic removals
  • Transfer of Medical Records

Please be advised that not all uninsured services are listed above. Please call your nearest CareMedics if you are unsure if OHIP will cover your visit.

Please call CareMedics for pricing for the above services.

Please note, CareMedics only accepts cash. You will be provided with a receipt and most private insurance companies will reimburse patients for services that the provincial health care plan does not cover. Please check with your private insurance company for coverage.

Q: Do I need an appointment to see a physician?
A: No, CareMedics offers walk in services during all of our business hours. Please present yourself to your nearest location with your health card.


Q: Can I book an appointment at CareMedics for the same day?
A: No, CareMedics offers same day walk in to all of our patients, but no appointments as this slows down the walk-in clinic.


Q: Can my pharmacy call or fax over a prescription renewal for me?
A: None of the doctor’s at CareMedics will renew prescriptions without seeing the patient. It is very important that you follow up with your family physician or a walk-in physician regarding your prescriptions.


Q: I need a refill of my narcotic prescription, will a walk-in doctor renew my prescription?
A: No walk-in doctor at any CareMedics locations will renew prescriptions for narcotics. It is in your best interest to see your family physician.


Q. Why won’t you give out any information about my family?
A: We are unable to disclose any information about any patient over the age of 16 due to the Privacy Act. We are also unable to disclose any information by telephone.


Q: CareMedics is closed, but I need medical advice, who can I call?
A: All Ontario patients, please call Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000. Quebec patients may call 811.